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Sunday, 20 August 2006

Weblogs and the Gulag, Holocaust and Independent/Documentary Films

Hi all,

Tom here on a Sunday afternoon. I've been trying to drag in information off the web regarding the three categories this blog is devoted to--Garri Urban's experiences points us to both the Gulag and the Holocaust, and his son's documentary of his father's life leads us to a discussion of documentary films and the independent film-maker experience.

I need your help. Trawling through the weblogs using technorati, blogpulse, icerocket, etc., is leaving me depressed and angry regarding the first two subjects. There are still a lot of sick and twisted people out there, writing drivel about what happened only 60 years ago. In some ways, what is worse is the way other people are hijacking what should be a sober, if not sacred, memory to twist discussion of current politics. It's an education. Not a fun one. So if you know of any sites (not just blogs) that actually have something meaningful to say about the gulags or the holocaust, send me the URL.

With film making, there are a lot of sites out there, but not many that discuss the day-to-day process of making a documentary or an indie film. (Maybe later on I'll tell you about being exec producer on a martial arts movie and the joy of running out of money mid-shoot, but I'd rather hear from others). Again, drop me a line. Or have a great Sunday and send something over tomorrow.

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