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Monday, 4 September 2006

The Holocaust Denied, Part II

Breaking news - David Irving, the British Historian has had his conviction for denying the Holocaust upheld in the Austrian Supreme Court.

During his initial trial Irving admitted that he had publicly denied the fact that the Nazis had murdered millions of Jews during World War II.

A second court is due to rule on the length of his jail term which currently stands at 3 years - the ruling on the length of his jail term is not expected for at least 2 months.

1 comment:

Stuart Urban said...

s the film-maker of the film about Garri and as his son, I would like to say how shocking it once was to encounter an intelligent, well-educated man at a dinner party denying the Holocaust. It was the home of some good friends.
In my film we show bullet holes in the graves of the Jewish cemetery in Stanislawow (now Ivano-Frankosvk), Ukraine where some of my relatives are thought to have been killed in mass shootings. The bone fragments of victims were still visible in the earth in 1992. For further and meticulous proof of the slaughter in this one town, please go to this link.

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